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Toni Bell knows business and speaks its language. A former bank executive, Toni recognized employees’ desire to learn and develop in their careers, and continue to grow into bigger, better and more productive roles within their personal and work lives.

Toni is a dynamic and energetic keynote speaker. She weaves in a bit of the audience in each of her platform presentations. 

“She clearly is an expert in her field…She is both interactive and responsive to audience needs, and often the room was filled with laughter….” 


Carol Grubaugh, Executive Director of the Knox County Chamber of Commerce


“…Audience surveys showed that they wanted more time with her, which is very unusual and speaks to her excellence.”


Steve Waers, President of the Knox Area of Development of Foundation of Knox County.

“Toni is on par with some of the top level nationally known speakers…her audiences love her”


Kendall Isaac, Attorney and Law Professor

"Toni has the rare ability to size up an audience and change direction in real time. She truly customizes her programs and is adaptable, which is the mark of great speakers and trainers.She provides a level of calm for each group, and is able to connect across multiple types of audiences. She is always upbeat, and she takes theory and makes it very practical." 


Mataryun Wright, President and CEO

RAMA Consulting

“…She has presented for us many, many times and she gets you motivated to take action and challenges you to move forward toward meeting your goals.  Her insight and perspective on leadership are very valuable and she is a joy to work with.” 


Joan Bird, Executive Director Emeritus, Leadership Worthington

audiences love toni

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