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Do You See What I See: Developing the Leader Within 


What got you here was what you did there. What will keep you here and get you to "next" will require you to constantly Develop the Leader Within. Someone saw something within you that they believe can be developed. You CAN lead. You just need to hone in on the key behaviors that help you make the transition from the front-line to the managerial suite. Toni’s dynamic and engaging presentation on this topic will help you develop your leadership talents. You’ll become a more effective and present leader who inspires collaboration and teamwork. 

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More Than One Way to Win


There are many ways to accomplish the end result. Leaders who are open and committed to bringing out the best in others tend to do just that. In this presentation, the audience will learn about and reflect upon stories of leaders whose path and end results were far better than they envisioned. What made the difference is their willingness to let go of controlling the process in order for the team to bring about the outcome. Sure, there are times when the process needs to be standardized. However, every opportunity a team has to create a solution together without it being dictated to them, results in an exponentially better outcome. 

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Transform: from Ordinary to Extraordinary! 


In order for companies to thrive, everyone, from the front line to the C-Suite, must constantly innovate. How does your team accomplish this when it is so easy to get stuck in the rut of everyday work? You make the time. The truth about time is that you only have time for the things you make time for. In this presentation, audience members will be energized by the engaging stories of teams who constantly make the investment of time to continuously improve and innovate. These teams do more with less. They have also managed to transform from ordinary to extraordinary.  

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